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Best Replacement for 1-2 System Drives (OS & App Install) SSD? - SSD RAID? - RevoDrive 3 X2?

Hey Guys -

I'm in the market to replace 1-2 drives in my home "server." My system specs are at the end of this post. Two of my drives are currently used for OS and app installs while the rest is storage.

Currently, the OS drive is an Mushkin MKNSSDAT60GB-DX (60gb SSD) which when I bought it was the fastest and biggest mSata drive on the market. The app install drive is a Seagate Momentus XT ST500LX003 (500gb hybrid.) The hybrid drive is gaining bad sectors quickly so needs to be replaced. I'm considering replacing the OS one, too, as it's taking up a valuable Sata port (using mSata takes disables one of the Sata addresses), hardly any storage, and had a lot of use.

I must replace the 500gb hybrid, but am considering replacing both drives with a PCI-Express-based OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 as it seems to have the best performance available. However, I don't know if it would work in my system. Also, I can really only afford the refurb (link) and don't know if it's a wise choice.

I have a few other considerations, too. Below is what I'm thinking. Do you think any of these would be best or have any other idea?

If I Replace both drives, Which Do You Think Is Best Choice?
1.  A refurbished OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 to run OS and installed apps (not many which are hardcore on resources)
2.  Purchasing a pair of SSDs and running them in RAID (hardware or software RAID?) to run both OS and installed apps
3.  Purchasing pair of SSDs like above, but not in RAID and dedicating one to OS and one to installed apps

System Specs
- Intel i7 3770k Quad Core
- Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UDH5
- 16GB RAM
- ATI/AMD HD 7850 2GB Video Card
- x8 drives
   - 60gb msata SSD (OS)
   - 500gb hybrid drive (App Installs
   - x6 drives ~18TB combined space
- Windows 7 x64

System Uses
- File share / hosting media files
- Server for Plex, XBMC, few other python apps
- Gaming every now and then

Any other suggestions for drive replacements are appreciated -

Thanks Guys
1 Solution
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
For your usage, I really don't see the need for SSD RAID. You certainly won't see a difference.

Just buy a 240GB Intel 530 (I think that's the cheapest $/GB now, and has a 5 year warranty), put your OS and apps on it.
I bought one and it works great.

PS: Right now I would advise against anything OCZ, since they have been bought by Toshiba and the warranties are murky at best.

1) OCZ is in bankruptcy & I would not invest in any of their products at this time for obvious reasons...

2) RAID has not been a successful alternative to religious backups.

3) I would therefore stick with your 3rd option above & make sure to back up as required for integrity.
OCZ was bought out by Toshiba a couple months back.  I think it is all finalized now.  OCZ stated that it will continue support and honoring warranties.  In the long run Toshiba may be able to clean up OCZ's quality control issues.

That said there are a few SSD's up around the 500 GB range now for around $300ish


Quick replacement for the 500 GB drive for similar cost to the Revo without sacrificing space.
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