How to connect to ethernet using ethernet connection

I have an old Gateway laptop that came with a dial up modem but no ethernet
card.  I found a card for it and found the drivers.  When I go to DEVICE MANAGER
it says the card is working, but there is no other indication on the computer that the
connection is working or that there is an ethernet connection..  The cable is plugged in
and works fine with my other laptop. How do I get the computer to connect.
The OS is ME.
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In the Control Panel under Network, make sure the tcp/ip protocol is bound to your adaptor. If not, add it. Also make sure the protocol is properly configured (probably for DHCP automatic configuration).

Personally though, in my point of view with such an old OS you shouldn't connect it to the LAN or the internet. That is absolutely insecure, and you will also have issues getting a halfway working and up-to-date AV tool that still works for it.

If the PC is too old for Vista or Windows XP, and you really still want to use it, then install a Linux distro on it. There are some light-weight distro's that also run on ancient hardware, and that aren't obsolete.
did you install the proper driver for the card?
if not, install it first.
download the driver from the manufacturer's site, and select your OS first
GlenAJAuthor Commented:
As I already stated, the DEVICE MANAGER indicates the  
device (ethernet card) is working properly.  It does not say
this if you have the wrong card driver.  In fact, the driver won't
be installed if it's not the right one.
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no; but that's still no guarantee it IS working - as you can see
what card is it, and what driver did you use?
what was the model of the laptop ?
these details can help
GlenAJAuthor Commented:
"these details" have already been considered.
The card is the one specified for the computer.  The driver is the
one specified for the card.  The problem is must be elsewhere.
rindi may be on the right track, but I would like more information.
I don't think there is much more I can add. Just open your control panel and select "network". You should get a window with the network clients installed, the network adaptors, and the protocols and to which adapter it is associated with. If you don't see the TCP/IP protocol associated to your adapter you won't be able to connect with any TCP/IP network, which is what is being used today. If the TCP/IP protocol isn't already installed, you'll have to click on "Add" to install it. If it is already present, but not bound to your adapter, click on the adapter and select "Properties". Under the Bindings tab you should then be able to enable the TCP/IP protocol.

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GlenAJAuthor Commented:
rindi -
Wow - What an oversight! The old Gateway was shipped with a modem, but not
with the optional ethernet card.  The case, however, had a plug in spot for the ethernet
cord. This is what I was using.  I did not notice that the card had it's own plug
in spot for the cord. Once I plugged in to the card, everything was much easier.
Your comments were very helpful to continue successfully.  Of course you are
right about the difficulties using outdated IE6, etc.  However, I just wanted to
complete the project.  Thanks again.
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