Users AD 2011

I created a user which was mis-spelled then I renamed it. Then I deleted it and re created it
over again now if I try to check the properties of the user in AD Users and Computers I get an error that the user cannot be found.
Any suggestions?
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Nick RhodeConnect With a Mentor IT DirectorCommented:
When you created these users did you do it through the SBS console or In AD?  Try creating through the SBS console
jsarinanaAuthor Commented:
I create in AD then I bring in new users in console
I do this because we use an email signature s.w. that looks at AD accounts info and uses this info.
jsarinanaAuthor Commented:
looks like I'm ok now all I had to do is wait a few minutes and try creating account again
jsarinanaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for trying
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