SQL connectivity problem


I am trying to configure vCO and as part, i need to configure the Database ( SQL).

ODBC connectivity is successful, but when i am configuring the same using vCO, i am getting the below error

Cannot connect to jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://xx.xx.xx.xx:1433/vcodb;domain=mydc.com;useNTLMv2=true. Network error IOException:

Tried on windows Auth & SQL Auth, but results same.

I have admin privilege to SQL server and DBO permission on SQL db.  Conenctity is configured as TCP/IP for SQL

Please let me know if any permission changes required
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SagiEDocConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go into the SQL Server Configuration manager, open the Network configuration node on the left and make sure TCP/IP is enabled. See attachment.
AbhilashConnect With a Mentor BloggerCommented:
Do not check NTLMv2
Check the database configuration part in this link
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