Can't login to Aruba IAP-105 Access points

I went through the steps of connecting to the instant network, which is the default network to configure the device.  I am setting up 26 of these in virtual controller mode.  Once you set them up, the instant network goes do I login to make configuration changes?  I've scanned the default network, I've scanned my DHCP network, and the aruba's don't show do I login to them?
Sean RhudyPresidentAsked:
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Sean RhudyConnect With a Mentor PresidentAuthor Commented:
I enabled DHCP on that VLAN and was able to manage them that way.
Jakob DigranesSenior ConsultantCommented:
https://aruba-master.domain.local (where domain.local is changed to your domain)
Sean RhudyPresidentAuthor Commented:
It's what worked.
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