how to assign user account only enable and disable user function at AD ?

I only grant a enable/disable account function to special AD account. how to do that ?
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BiniekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Jimlo1,

In Your question You asked about enable/disable account, and now You want to Unlock user account,

id does not work, because there was other permissions

There is information how to delegate the Unlock Account Right:

How can I delegate the right to unlock locked Active Directory (AD) user accounts?
You have to delegate special permissions " Read userAccountControl and Write userAccountControl" for user accounts.

There are some instructions how to do it:
jimlo1Author Commented:
Hi Biniek,

I implemened your instrustion but it doesn't work as attached
jimlo1Author Commented:
Dear Biniek,

I followed your instruction. It is working . Thank you very much. But I found a other weird event in AD. I clicked a that checkbox in attached file and click "Apply" button. At a moment, this checkbox is unclick . Why???????????
jimlo1Author Commented:
Hi Biniek or experts,

Can you help to solve this problem ?
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