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I am trying to put together a regex to search for specific emails in the To: section of an email header.  I have several email addresses, any one of which can be in the To: section of the header.  There may be one or several of the specific addresses and there must be a match if there are one or more of the addresses.

I have this as a start.


The email header may contain the following examples in any combination depending on the senders requirements, however I only need to trigger on the first match of the specific addresses.  Based on the regex finding the match, I will trigger other processes.  There also may be other extraneous email addresses which I expect will be ignored based on the criteria.

To: usera@mydomain.com
To: usera@mydomain.com, userb@mydomain.com
To: usera@mydomain.com, userb@mydomain.com, userc@mydomain.com
To: userb@mydomain.com, usere@mydomain.com

I have hit a wall as I am no expert at Regex.

Any help would be appreciated.
Craig SharpLead Enginneer - Unix Server TeamAsked:
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Lorenda ChristensenConnect With a Mentor Accounting and VBA ConsultantCommented:
What language/system are you writing this code in? How many email addresses are you searching for? If it's not a TON, it might be faster to simply write a Select statement to catch your emails.

For each msg in object.msg

'code to parse your userID's here, depending on your delimiters
'Also might add another loop here if there are multiple emails in a to field

Select Case userID

Case usera, userb, etc

End Case

next msg
Craig SharpLead Enginneer - Unix Server TeamAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the reply.

This is being used in Postfix running on Linux.  It is designed to be a single Regex statement such as the example.  Postfix uses the regex to scan the email header and then act on that header match such as forwarding an email that has one or more of the addresses in question to a different email server.

I am searching for the first match of any of the specified users email addresses.  This will trigger the forward.
Craig SharpLead Enginneer - Unix Server TeamAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I will be searching for about 8 specific email addresses.
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Lorenda ChristensenAccounting and VBA ConsultantCommented:
Ah - okay - what I posted above would really only work "well" client side ad hoc. Hopefully you'll find a postfix expert. :)
Craig SharpLead Enginneer - Unix Server TeamAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your response Lorenda :-)
Craig SharpLead Enginneer - Unix Server TeamAuthor Commented:
I have found my solution:


Lorenda, you were my only response.  Awarding you the points!

Thank you
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