Help with Group Policy and printers

I run a small organization with a win2008 print server. I want to install a new network printer and roll it out to all users on Windows XP, 7 and server 2008 where necessary.

There was a login.bat file which mapped printers. But I have found that it is either doing it wrong or being superceded by Group Policy.

In addition, I need to UNINSTALL two old printers and make them stop showing up via Group Policy.

Where do I look and how do I do this? Familiar with ADUC but not so much with GPMC and how it applies (or fails to apply).
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Elixir2Author Commented:
In the link you posted, the OP's question was unresolved. But your link led me to this link.
Elixir2Author Commented:
I still need to know how to find out what existing Group Policies are applied to which existing OUs in my existing domain.
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Elixir2Author Commented:
On the print server, I installed the drivers from the internet first using the Print Management console.
I then created a new IP port and chose an IP address outside the DHCP scope.
I installed the new printer, added it to the Directory and most importantly published it via GPO, which was an option when using Print Managment console.

Finally, I updated the login.bat file that is in every users profile in the NETLOGON folder and propagated this change to both DCs.

I feel like I know what I'm doing. Unfortunately, the links you provided had nothing to do with this solution. Sorry!

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Did you resolve this without the Login Script? I can certainly help you with configuration via GPO and GPP which uses the Print Management console.
Elixir2Author Commented:
I would LOVE the extra help. I'm still using the login.bat file. The reason is because even though login.bat is specified in the default domain gpo, some users weren't getting the mappings. I put login.bat back on each users' profile settings in AD.
Elixir2Author Commented:
After spending the better part of a day on this, we used the Server 2008's Printer Management console available when the Print Server role is installed. Expert links were partial solutions of other issues.
From the Print Management console, did you ever try right clicking on installed printer and deploy? You would of had to of created a GPO and linked to appropriate OU depending ob if you are targeting Users or Computers. There are also some point and print restriction settings I use. If users have XP then you will need the pushprinters EXE.
Elixir2Author Commented:
Yes, I did that. And it appeared to work. Because of the XP users, I also used the login.bat file.

Now, I'm having problems REMOVING old printers that were published using this method. But that's another question and another 500 points. :)
You don't need to use the login.bat for XP Users if you simply use the pushprinterconnections.exe utility in the Startup Scripts. I deploy by Computer rather than per User, but works both ways. As long as I have certain drivers installed for all x86, x64 I dont see any issue - this is a good starting point that I am sure you have seen
As far as cleanup goes, if the printer was deployed using this method then it can easily be removed from client machines, but performing a cleanup for printers installed using other methods I would look to a VBScript.
Elixir2Author Commented:
This is the VBScript we're looking for... any idea how to make it do multiple printers?
Option Explicit

Dim objNetwork, objPrinters
Set objNetwork = CreateObject("WScript.Network")
Set objPrinters = objNetwork.EnumPrinterConnections

' ### Delete selected network printer
Dim sPrinterName
sPrinterName = "\\SERVER\ICT_HP4050N"
objNetwork.RemovePrinterConnection sPrinterName, True, True

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