Our company is changing it's URL. Web applications = 404 Page not found. sites work okay.

Our company is changing it's branding and so it's URL from www.wf1broward.com to www.careersourcebroward.com.

The network guy has set up DNS so that our sites like ppn.wf1broward.com still work and also ppn.careersourcebroward.com works.

However, all my applications under "www2", like www2.careersourcebroward.com/wise give me a 404 - Page not found.

I've added the new host name, www2.careersourcebroward.com, port 80, IP Address 192.168.xxx.xx to the existing www2.wf1broward.com, port 80, same IP Address to the Site Bindings of site "www2."

What could we be still missing?
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megninConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Never mind.  We found the issues and solved them.  I knew my $12.00 / month was good for something.
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