How to sync folder between multiple Outlook 2010 profiles

Have a user with many subfolders under Inbox in Outlook 2010.  She deleted a few folders from main Outlook profile.  But, when she goes to her alternate profile, the folders that were deleted are still there.

BTW, this is probably happening because the user has cache mode enabled.

Any help will be appreciated.

Need to find a way to sync these profiles in cache mode.

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Jaroslav MrazConnect With a Mentor CTOCommented:
Yes she must synch before leave.

You can simple open account settings and use repair button it corect if some settings are problem.

But if you coud tell me why she needs same account twice maybe i will be able to get you other suggestion/solution. Maybe she can even use combination outlook an owa where owa is like outlook without offline cash and she can run it in same time.
Jaroslav MrazCTOCommented:

what it mean alternate profile ?

You need to have some server synchronization IMAP or Exchange server for automatic synch changes.
losgadasAuthor Commented:
The user has more than one profile in Outlook.  Hence, the word alternate.  User is synching with Exchange server.
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Jaroslav MrazCTOCommented:
Exchange cached mode is only that files are cached for offline use. But synchronisation is same as in online mode, just in online mode outlook read data in realtime from server and dont save them to local pc.

The profiles is the same account?
losgadasAuthor Commented:
the profiles are the same account.  I did a test with my profiles.  Noticed that I had to synch my main profile before switching to the second profile to notice the changes.   In the user's case, he/she may have to do that.  Or, one of the profiles could be corrupted.  Will have to test further today.  I had hoped that there was an Outlook command that would immediately synchronize the folders and everything else between the profiles.  But, I guess it is not that easy.
losgadasAuthor Commented:
The reason she uses a second profile, is because her main Outlook profile has tons of personal folders.  When she travels, the speed is better with a profile with only one personal folder or none.  I will mention to the user about possibly using OWA.  However, I did noticed yesterday, I opened the user's OWA, and all her subfolders under Inbox were not visible in OWA.
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