hash key on wired apple keyboard

how can I get a hash key on wired apple keyboard ?
Just to make it more interesting I should clarify that I am running it on a PC using Win7 Pro
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thfc9wigan1Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Amazing for all your hi-tech knowledge ( and mine to a lesser extent), my wife walks in and asks what is all the fuss about ? Just pressing the backslash key (above the right-hand shift key and just to the left of the return key) will generate the required character !

I felt a bit of a twit !

Thanks for all your suggestions

or Ctrl-Alt-£ depending on if US or UK keyboard

I think, but dont have on front of me at the mo
thfc9wigan1Author Commented:
tried all 4 combinations of ctrl & alt with a 3, but none work
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Have you tried just ALT+3
thfc9wigan1Author Commented:
yes (both Alt keys)
You can try to set the keys too:


Right click on the task bar;

Go to toolbars;

Click on language bar;

Now either a little black toolbar will appear on screen or a little keyboard icon will appear on the left of you system tray. If it's in the system tray, right click on it and press 'Restore the language bar'

Now in the bottom right of the language bar you will see a little downward facing arrow; click on it and then click 'settings...'.

A new windows should open entitled 'Text Services and Input Languages'.

Click the 'Add' button.

Scroll down to English (UK) and select the tick box.

Now in the language bar you should be able to select United Kingdom.

This technique will allow you to use your keyboard as if it were a UK one or (rather annoyingly because I just typed all that before finding this out) you can go to Apple Keyboard Layout (KBD) for Windows XP and Windows Vista and do what it says.

Ctrl-Alt-2 = €
Shift-3 = £ (or if set to English UK #)
Ctrl-Alt-3 = # (or if set to English UK £)

Taken from Link: http://www.sevenforums.com/hardware-devices/74324-keyboard.html
You may be set to US keyboard in which case shift + 3
Ha ha wow fair play.

Never knew that. Well done her. Please allocate the points to her!
thfc9wigan1Author Commented:
mine chosen cos it works
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