Outlook 2012 error message

Why do I get this error message and how can I stop it from happening?  see attached
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JullezConnect With a Mentor Network EngineerCommented:
Its all good.

Safemode is for testing purposes only, hopefully we will get it resolved soon and you go back to normal mode.

Try to work for a bit and see if you can re-create the issue, if it works properly in safe mode, the next step would be to disable the add-ons and try enabling them one by one until Outlook hangs again.

Updates can be obtained through "Windows Updates" on your machine, hotfixes need to be requested.

Here is a good website that lists them all.


What Service Pack is your Office? Latest Office 2010 is SP2.

Should be under "Help" "About" in outlook.

Here is a good reference: http://www.msoutlook.info/question/580

Let me know.
JullezNetwork EngineerCommented:
There are a lot of reasons why outlook just hangs.

1. Missing updates and hotfixes - I had a client who had outlook hang 25 seconds, turned out to be a hotfix from Microsoft that resolved it.

2. Add-ons - you can try to start your outlook in safemode - go to start, type outlook.exe /safe.

Let me know if it hangs after safe mode and updates/hotfixes and we can continue troubleshooting.
dpsmithersAuthor Commented:
I started Outlook in Safe mode - is there anything I'm to do there or just work in safe mode from now on?

How can I get hotfixes?


BTW, I meant to say Outlook 2010 NOT 2012 - sorry.
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dpsmithersAuthor Commented:
dpsmithersAuthor Commented:
I see help (see attached) but not About in Help -
JullezNetwork EngineerCommented:
Try this:

Click File > Help.
Under Product Activated, find the version.
dpsmithersAuthor Commented:
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