can ping DNS server but cant ping

Client A:


The client can ping the DNS server, but not able to connect internet ie. it times out.

any ideas?


please help
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footechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Then focus your efforts on the router and the connection upstream of it.  If your router is a combo device that also serves as a DSL modem, then you'll be looking at the status of your internet connection.
Can you connect to Google with an IP?
nflnetwork29Author Commented:
no, times out.
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nflnetwork29Author Commented:
is there anything on the DNS server that I would need to set that allows this remote subnet (client) to use it ?
If you can't connect by IP, that means DNS is not the problem.
You can try a tracert command like
to see where the communication stops.  Then you can troubleshoot upstream of that device.
Can you get to any site on the internet?

If not then it sounds more like a route/ACL issue.
nflnetwork29Author Commented:
the tracert command show the route topping at the wifi interface on my router.
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