How to format write protected disks

I have a Kodak 8GB memory card I dedicated to READY BOOST to improve
Windows 7 performance in my laptop..  I now want to use it in the camera again.
I was able to use it to take more pictures, however, I can’t delete them because
The card is write protected.  How can I reformat the disk?
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web_trackerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There should be a tab on the card itself that you can slide one way to lock it and another way to unlock it. All sd cards I seen have the little tab you can move to lock/unlock it. An way this website may help solve the problem.
Patrick BogersDatacenter platform engineer LindowsCommented:

Isnt it a matter of swithcing the write protect switch on the card?
GlenAJAuthor Commented:
There is no switch on the card
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Patrick BogersDatacenter platform engineer LindowsCommented:
Ok, in that case find the formatting option in your camera.
GlenAJAuthor Commented:
When I try to use formating on the camera it says
"reset switch on memory card", but it doesn't say
how to find the switch.  When I right click the card
folder, in the computer, no card switch is indicated.
How do I find the switch? I'm using Win 7.
GlenAJAuthor Commented:
How about that!  There IS a switch there - I never noticed
it before.  Thanks
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