Email ID is not reflecting

Hi ,

we are using Exchange 2010, user requested to change his Eamil ID , I have changed his email through AD , by selecting correct user, but still it is not reflecting ( still showing old ID ) AFTER 48 hours. But very interesting thing is that in EMAIL column, CC Mail address is showing wrong, when I tried to change that as per my requirement, it is giving error , this email ID already exsists in AD, but not able to find out the email ID , except my change one.

Please suggest, how can I resolve this issue.

Other thing I observer, when I cheked his mailbox it is showing my changed email ID , but he didn't get any email when someone send to his individuAL id, but he gets a email when send a email to DL , which he part of.
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padas6Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
This issue is resolved such a way.

One user was there with the same display name , but user was the same email ID , not able to identify , because some one only delete the email ID , without removing exchange attributes. That is why I found that New user CC Mail ID is showing as, not

When I remove the exchange attaributes from that old user ( with the same user ) , i am able to change the new user CC Mail email ID as & after an hour I saw new user email ID has been replicated in GAL properly.

send a test mail to new user & able to send without any issue.
Did you check with new outlook profile.

Can you check through OWA . May be replication issues
padas6Author Commented:
I checked his profile in outlook & showing the correct resilt, however when I search the user from outlook GAL, corrcet user is not showing.

But from OWA shoowing correct email id GAL.

I run the update Global address list in both the Exchange CAS Server, but no hope.

One thing I wanated share, same user is available in AD, but it is disabled state both email & AD account, but still it is showing in GAL with email ID (which is different from my changed ID )

Please suggest, if any replication issue, how can I check & address.
Gareth GudgerCommented:
When you said, no one can send to his new email address, where did you initiate that test? Was it from another internal user or from an outside email address?

If from an outside email address then your anti-spam may have a AD harvesting feature that has not updated. What are you using for anti-spam? Many cloud based products, such as Exchange Online Protection require either manual updating or the use of a Directory Synchronization Tool. An on premise anti-spam solution may also need manual configuration, or, its automated harvesting process may be broken.

With regard to the GAL being wrong, this could be and Offline Address Book issue. Most Outlook clients use Cached Mode, which means they are using the Offline Address Book and not the GAL directly. Log into Outlook Web App and see if it is correct there. If it is, then it is not a GAL issue but an OAB issue. Most OABs only update every 24 hours unless manually told to do so (or if you have changed the default schedule).
padas6Author Commented:
issue is resolved my changed the CC Mail ID & removing old email id hold by old user ID.
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