multi primary key

i have a table "trans"
year  number
month  number
tran_no  number

trans_no should not be reapet within same year
but it could be for different year
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Leon KammerCommented:
To redefine your primary key to include more than one column, so the combination of values is unique for year and trans_no:


ADD CONSTRAINT pk_trans PRIMARY KEY (tran_no, year);

Just make sure there are no null values in the 2 columns, else thew constraint will fail to be created.



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NiceMan331Author Commented:
i found a constraint in the table
but i didn't find the related field
how to check it ?
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Did you not create the schema?

>>how to check it ?

What are you asking?

Are you asking what how that constraint is defined?

You 'could' query user_cons_columns to see the columns involved in the constraint but I would just generate the DDL:

select dbms_metadata.get_ddl('CONSTRAINT','CONS_NAME') from dual;

Just replace CONS_NAME with your constraint name.
NiceMan331Author Commented:
the constraint already defined 2 fields as PK
thanx to both of you
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