How to submit daily report for the sales for the management?

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I am working for sales application, my management asks to submit daily report ,
Please advise me how it will be, format , template...any idea will help
Thanks in advance
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This is a pretty open question.  A simple sales report could be the total number of sales (units) and total revenue generated from those sales. This all gets more complicated is ongoing revenue models (e.g. subscription or SaaS). Then it could be sales units versus predicted revenue.

From there, you can go on to talk about your sales pipeline, e.g. how many suspects (unqualified leads), qualified leads, or sales opportunities were generated during the same period. You can then put ratios to these, e.g. what % of leads are closed, or costs to any or all of these items to give a really detailed sales report.

Another aspect of this, and one you often see is the sales report broken down by salesperson. This allows you to see relative performance, and correct any potential issues that it reveals.

I could probably answer this better if you could tell me in more detail what your management is looking for, e.g. are they just looking for straight sales data, more detail on the sales pipeline, or more detail on individual performance.


Mr. Mark
Our Company sells Automotive applications, so we don't have daily sales, we have one sale every couple of month. As sales , I am sending emails to customers, making phone calls, visit customers , arrange meetings. Then the management asks for daily reports , and I want to do it in professional way.
Please advise
I would recommend something like this, and excel sheet that includes:
Leads acquired (daily) - these are people that you can call that you put into the database that day
Calls made (daily)
Good Conversations (daily) - people you call who are willing to talk to you about your solution when you call them
Next Calls Booked (daily) - people who book a net call with you
Customer Visits (daily)
Sales (daily)

I would put this on a spreadsheet that includes all days by a quarter. You can do either calendar quarter or running quarter.

Does  this make sense?


Mr. Mark
What do you mean by quarter?
Quarter as in quarter of the year (3 months)

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