Vlookup(Match) formula in Excel

Good Afternoon,

Getting a NA# on a vlookup(match) formula within excel (see attached document).  The formula: =IF(VLOOKUP(B1,'DATA INPUT'!$A$2:$I$346,MATCH(SUMMARY!A2,'DATA INPUT'!$A$2:$I$346,0),FALSE)=0,"",(VLOOKUP(B1,'DATA INPUT'!$A$2:$I$346,MATCH(SUMMARY!A2,'DATA INPUT'!$A$2:$I$346,0),FALSE)))

Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Thank you
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barry houdiniCommented:
Hello Nick, which figures are you trying to return? If you want the percentages then try this formula in B2 copied across and down....and custom format as 0.00%;; so that zero values are not displayed

=SUMPRODUCT(($A2='DATA INPUT'!$B$3:$B$45)*(B$1='DATA INPUT'!$C$2:$I$2),'DATA INPUT'!$C$3:$I$45)

see attached

regards, barry

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nmolliconiAuthor Commented:
Thank you Barry.  Worked great!

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