How to know the windows license keys in a network


I want to find out the licenses of windows and office that on my network. Is there any utility that will sniff my network and let me know the licenses.
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allen_richConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can also use the Microsoft's Volume Activiation Management Tool ( ) to tell you what type of key is being used.
This tool might be able to help you:


You can use the Magical Jelly Bean and extract the keys for many other installed programs

Extract keys with Magical jelly bean
Jackie ManCommented:
There are free and paid tools to do the job.

For free tool, Nirsoft ProduKey can do it. Details are in the link below.

For paid tool, BelManage - Small Network Option can do it. Details are in the links below.
o0JoeCool0oAuthor Commented:
I tried nirsoft... its not able to scan the whole network? Any more ideas?
Jackie ManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to tell nirisoft which ip address or computer name of the remote computer as produkey will not automatically scan the network for the remote computer.

Besides, you need to enable the file and printer sharing of the remote computet.
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