Orphan domain could't delete.?

Hi EE's

I got domain hgpt.xxx (parent domain), and another domain iac.xxx in the same forest of hgpt.xxx. and its was created a trust between these two.. I am very sure there is not existing domain controllers are for this iac.xxx.. when i am try to delete coming up with an error.

When trying in ntsdutil, coming up with an error

"DsRemoveDsDomainW error 0x2015 (The directory service can perform the requested operation only on a leaf object.)

Print screen is attached for your reference.

Thank you..
Shamil MohamedIT Infrastructure Engineer/IT Systems ManagerAsked:
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Shamil MohamedIT Infrastructure Engineer/IT Systems ManagerAuthor Commented:
I did after a long google search..

Bro (Mahesh) In your first link, domain management syntax not working in windows server 2012. So i go forward with partition management and deleted the Orphaned domain name contexts.
I am not sure i did in correct way or not. but that particular domain name is remove from Active Directory Domains and trusts..

Thanks for your kind support.. But i would like to go through your second also.. once try second i will get back to you with the outcome.. Thanks alot mahesh..

Thanks to mattvmotas also..

Matt VCommented:
In the NTDSUTIL, go into the domain and list the servers.  There must be a domain controller hanging out in there somewhere.
Just follow step by step article below


Instead of child domain enter there DN of tree domain

Once you complete above step , Also look at below post for more information towards removing orphaned domain


Shamil MohamedIT Infrastructure Engineer/IT Systems ManagerAuthor Commented:
Its a part of partition management in ntdsutil and i managed to delete the orphaned domain..
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