Kiosk mode for Windows 8.1 Standard

Hi Experts,
After taking delivery of a test device to use as a kiosk machine, I found out the kiosk mode is not available for Windows 8.1 Standard version (although its available for RT?)..
Anyway, is there a registry hack or a third-party that will allow this?
Thanks in advance.
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alexkimConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks Ozzeczek, interesting product but no support for Win 8.1 Standard - only for Pro or Ent out of the box. I'm looking for a cost effective solution something similar to SiteKiosk (
I hope it will help you;)
I use and I am very pleased
alexkimAuthor Commented:
No other comments in 2 days..
alexkimAuthor Commented:
Went with - provides support for Windows 8 Standard..
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