Finding next highest number in a list against a number in a cell

I have a list of numbers. I also have a cell that generates a number from elsewhere. I want to select the next highest number above the number in the cell, from my list.
Can someone assist? I cannot seem to find an easy solution.
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barry houdiniCommented:
Using byundt's setup you can also use this non-array formula to get the next highest number after D4


regards, barry
EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
In principle, create a new list of numbers which would be your existing list less your test number. Then use the MIN function on the new list.
So the desired result is a number larger than the one in the cell? In particular, the smallest such number?

If you have Excel 2010 or later, you can use the AGGREGATE function in a formula like:

In the above formula, A1:A23 is the list of numbers and D4 is the cell that generates a number from elsewhere.
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EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
Going back to my original suggestion, If your new list is in B1:B50 your answer would be
If you have Excel 2007 or earlier, you can use the array-entered formula:

To array-enter a formula:
1.  Select the cell and click in the formula bar
2.  Hold the Control and Shift keys down
3.  Hit Enter, then release all three keys
Excel should respond by adding curly braces { } surrounding your formula. If you don't see them (or if you see #VALUE! error value), then repeat steps 1-3.

The attached file shows both AGGREGATE and array-entered formulas.
Naresh PatelTraderCommented:
=LARGE(A1:A500, 5)
returns to 5th largest value in range selected
Naresh PatelTraderCommented:
ooopss to many posts sorry
BlosMusicAuthor Commented:
Hey everyone - what a quick response! I will go through this later - brilliant ideas out there!
Thanks. Will check back later.
BlosMusicAuthor Commented:
That works perfectly! Now I have to educate myself and find out why!
Many thanks all.
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