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Just installed Sharepoint 2013 at a client's site, but am struggling to set the location of file content. It seems this is a Sharepoint action, not an IIS setting.

Any suggestions on doing this would be most appreciated.

John DarbyPMAsked:
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skipper68Connect With a Mentor Application Development ManagerCommented:
If you truly want files to be posted on a local disk, one way you'd get that done is by developing an event receiver to fire whenever a file is added.  The event receiver would then copy the file to your other location.
skipper68Application Development ManagerCommented:
What "File Content" are you trying to set?  Can you be a bit more specific?
John DarbyPMAuthor Commented:
The tech I have in the field is trying to define the location for "posted" documents to be stored on a NAS volume.
Justin SmithConnect With a Mentor Sr. System EngineerCommented:
All SharePoint content (list attachments, doc library files, etc) is stored in the content database for the Site Collection.  By default any file in SharePoint lives there.

You can implement Remote BLOB Storage (big topic), which will move files to a location outside of the database while keeping the attached metadata in the database.
John DarbyPMAuthor Commented:
Thank you; I will have my field guy work on that. Appreciate the insights!
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