Can I upload a Cisco IOS image with older IOS version?

Can I upload an image with an older IOS version into a router (assuming the IOS version already in the router is much newer than the IOS version in the image to be uploaded)?

Image source: Cisco 851

Image destination: Cisco 881w
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Jody LemoineNetwork ArchitectCommented:
The 851 and the 881W share the same interface configuration, so as long as your versions aren't too far apart, you should be good.

Post the first line of a "show version" command on each unit and I can let you know if you're safe.
Patrick BogersDatacenter platform engineer LindowsCommented:

I dont believe you can do this. There are probably way to many other naming conventions in place.
If seriously considering, take a copy of the running config from the 881w and compare to the older one, pretty sure you will see BIG differences.
TimotiStDatacenter TechnicianCommented:
Are we talking about moving the IOS software image, or the configuration?
Jody LemoineNetwork ArchitectCommented:
To clarify, you should be able to move the configuration without too much difficulty, but the software images themselves won't be compatible.
bobox00Author Commented:
Thanks for your comments. Will copy and paste the router config after editing in Notepad.
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