McAffee EPO Encryption

we have a serious problem here: our EPO server has upgraded himself up to ver.7.1,but our clients (laptops) are running 6.x. this has lead,that no laptop has a connection to EPO server and boots with a critical error.
i was wondering,if anyone had a similar experience with that? wen have now 50 users who cannot work from "outside".mcaffee was not capable to react within 24 a workaround, has only provided a boot CD to bring the OS up and running. means,each single user has to burn a CD or USB stick and recover the system on its own!

does anyone has experience with another encryption system which allows a rollback and allows decryption or at least an uninstall and reinstall of its encryption module so that people are at least able to work?
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DukewillNukemAuthor Commented:
well,EPO encrypts the HD and allows booting only thru safeboot. one cant influence that behaviour,because its written in the MBR.
what happened is, that EPO upgraded itself which lead to a incompatibility between the application on the server and on the clients because of different versions. this caused hundreds of laptops not being able to boot and logon. since it was not possible to recover all those devices from console, people had to burn a CD or get a USB stick to manually recover their deviced. needless to say,that it tooks days to bring them all back. even today, there are still some devices in the recovery process....
the solution today is: kick macaffee out and get another product. period.
Since no one answers, I will try, but I don't know the Software.

First of all, McAfee will need to feel some pressure before they move. I would retry to get through.
Then: please tell us what the server did for you. Did it influence the boot process (=unlock the drives pre-boot)? If so, this was always a single point of failure. You would of course be forced to create some recovery media/alternate boot media in advance - is that what McAfee proposed? A CD that provided the key for each workstation or is the CD meant to decrypt those in full?
DukewillNukemAuthor Commented:
its the best solution.
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