Missing Exchange Log, Store Won't Mount

I'm trying to get my Exchange Store mounted but am unsuccessful and stuck.  It's missing a log file and I don't know how to move forward and get the store mounted without that log file.

There is no backup, so I have to get the store mounted without it.

SBS 2003

Missing log file.
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James HConnect With a Mentor IT DirectorCommented:
You have no choice then to run a repair of the Information Store.
Follow these directions carefully:


Without a backup, failure to follow directions could result in complete loss of data.
ESEUTIL is your only option at this point.

The tool ESEUTIL can do a lot. See this website, it explains eseutil very well;

Check if the database is clean.... See step 1. If so, go to step 2.

1. Perform the Eseutil /mh “Path of the database” as indicated below and check the state of the database.

2. If the state is in clean shutdown, move all the log files from the Transaction logs folder location and then mount the stores.
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ITworksAuthor Commented:
The store has a dirty shut down.
ITworksAuthor Commented:
Ok, I read through the link you gave me and this one actually makes sense compared to the other instruction sets I had found!

I'm running a hard recovery.  :-(   It had to be done at this point...
????? I gave the exact same information..... WTF!!
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