HP VLAN and Switching

We currently have the below setup.

1 switch setup for CCTV using 10.0.9.x/24 network

1 switch setup for normal data using 10.0.7.x/24 network

We are going to connect the 2 switches up and want to be able to access the CCTV and Security side from the normal data on certain ports.

I would assume that I setup VLANS

VLAN 10 - Data 10.0.7.x/24 setting the gateway as
VLAN 20 - CCTV 10.0.9.x/24 setting the gateway as

Then assign the uplink ports as tagged ports for both VLANS and then on the data switch untagged ports for the ports I want to be able to access both networks?
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InfamusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No it's the switch doing the routing so the vlans don't need gateway.....

so Let's say you are creating a vlan 100.

HP ProCurve Switch# vlan 100
HP ProCurve Switch(vlan-100)# untag a1-a24
HP ProCurve Switch(vlan-100)# tag b1
HP ProCurve Switch(vlan-100)# ip address

Now the IP address is the gateway for all the devices on vlan 100.
You need to configure virtual interface for each vlan and those IP should be the gate way for the devices connected to the vlans.

You need layer 3 switch to do that otherwise your router has to route intervlan routing.
HeadmastersAuthor Commented:
What do you mean I need to configure a virtual interface?

Im running a HP 2530 Switches and I believe they do layer 3 switching.
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When you create the vlans, did you assign IP address on each vlan?

If you did, that is the virtual vlan interface.  Sorry I was speaking Cisco terms...

And the answer is yes.
HeadmastersAuthor Commented:
Yes, I setup the VLAN's each to have an IP in there IP subnet.

So example VLAN10 -

Would both the VLAN's have the same gateway if I was to use a router to send inter-VLAN traffic?
HeadmastersAuthor Commented:
Ok so the b1 would have an IP address assigned to it?
vlan 100 should have IP address assigned...

you are just tagging the b1 and that's just an example.
HeadmastersAuthor Commented:
Would I then need to setup static routes between the 2 networks?
No, your switch will handle the routing.
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