Hirer a Programmer for small job?

Basically I just have a small idea I think a lot of people would like. It should be decently simple to program. I'm not looking to start a company or anything, but I would like to see my idea created or see if it's possible. I'm not a rich guy either though. Just got out of college and working at my first job.

While I'm in the IT field, I'm not a programmer, thus I cannot create my idea.

How do I go about working with or hiring someone for creating my idea for a cheap price given my situation? I believe once I tell the programmer my idea, he would like it too. It's kind of for the "greater good" type deal. It shouldn't take too long to program, as there are other source codes out there that are similar. But I would like to keep it private until I speak to a programmer.
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Scott Fell, EE MVEConnect With a Mentor Developer & EE ModeratorCommented:
Your best bet is to start an open source project on github and put your idea out there for others to build on.

If what you really want is somebody to buy into your idea and build it for profit for free, you are best to find a student.  

I get asked all the time about "partnering" based solely on an idea.  I have heard a lot of ideas, and have not heard one unique yet.  But the difference between the idea an making money is actually acting on it.
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
Is it an idea that can be easily copied so a programmer may create his/her solution without recognising your idea and work if any?
Pancake_EffectAuthor Commented:
Are you asking if it can be made open source basically? If so, yes.
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bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
no. what i mean was: do you have concerns in term of copyrights and intellectual properties? are you going to be the solo owner or co-owner of the software product to be developed?
satsumoConnect With a Mentor Software DeveloperCommented:
Give us a clue. Is your idea an internet idea, a mobile idea, a PC idea?

There are sites like Elance, oDesk and Freelancer where you can find people to hire. Some of them are cheaper than others depending which country they are in. But that affects the quality of the work and the amount of contact you get. There are programming companies (mostly in India) that have a bunch of coders of dubious quality. They trawl those sites applying for any job that appears whether there staff can complete the job or not. They still get paid, either way. There are also plenty of good skilled coders if you can find the right one and are willing to pay.

The other option is to find someone locally who you can persuade to take on the idea. Having some experience I'm inclined not to believe your 'decently simple' appraisal and the 'greater good' suggests that it won't be worth much. So I wouldn't be tempted to get involved based on what you've said so far. As a first step I suggest you find a coder you trust and tell them about the idea. Ask them what is involved and how long it might take. If it's going to happen you will have to trust somebody eventually.
Pancake_EffectAuthor Commented:
Basically I just need a programming company that will do a pc program. Mobile etc. not needed.
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