tftp for mac 10.8.5

I am just curious if there is a tftp software that would work on a Mac 10.8.5.  I have TftpServer 3.4.1 running and there doesn't seem to be any errors showing but I can't seem to get any file transferred from/to it.

Does anyone the root cause for this?
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LateNaiteConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
It was the firewall on my mac, didn't know one existed that blocked it.
Peter LoobuyckCommented:
It should work - did you check the file permissions  and the root folder permissions? Also check if it  is serving from the right ip address on your mac.
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LateNaiteAuthor Commented:
I am trying to test this but can't yet until I can get the drivers for my USB to serial adapter working.

LateNaiteAuthor Commented:
Issue is resolved.
LateNaiteAuthor Commented:
Resolved issue myself.
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