Windows SBS Consoles reports "Updates not Available"

My Windows SBS2008 server seems to be having trouble with WSUS. Some time ago, the server had a hard drive fail so the system was restored from backups using Symantec Backup Exec. The server functions OK (albeit a bit slow but that may be due to it only having 4Gb RAM. More RAM is on the way). On the Home screen of the SBS Console, it reports that Updates are not available so I removed the WSUS role and then reinstalled WSUS from a MS  download. Both the remove and the install went through without any errors and all was looking hopeful but it still says Updates Not Available. When I click on the "?" for more help, it says "The Software Update configuration has been modified and no longer meets the recommended configuration". Surely if it's been uninstalled and re-installed it now should I would have thought.
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ktaczalaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
check this out, all settings must be defaults
ClintonKAuthor Commented:
I think that's done it. It's gone from "Not Available" to "Critical" (because I killed the synchronisation so that I could change the options). Synchronisation I think will take some time so I'll report back later. Thanks
ClintonKAuthor Commented:, installing the software using the MS defaults doesn't set the correct defaults. Doh
Olaf De CeusterCommented:
No SBS is very particular in this what is new. You get used to it.
ClintonKAuthor Commented:
A good article which answered my question. Work through this carefully and things will go green. Thanks.
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