Source and Destination is same through ASA Firewall


My Server is at Inside Network.
My Laptop is at Inside Network

My server Public ip registered outside (internet DNS). and there is no internal DNS

When i am trying with  URL,which has registered in Public DNS , the request is going via ASA Firewall and hits to the DNS server and DNS server redirects to the Firewall and Firewall do the reverse-NAT and changes public to Private but my Laptop not able to access the server over URl

I have studied that Firewall will not send to the destination that has passed over the same  interface..

What would be the solution , Can it be cone over DNS-doctoring ?

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Jordan MedlenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try adding a static route for the IP address of the URL you are trying to hit, and point it to your gateway IP address of the firewall.


route outside <ip_of_url> <firewall_ext_gw_ip> 1

This is a dirty trick to accomplish connectivity. Your firewall will now direct that traffic to it's gateway and the gateway device will send it right back around to the outside interface, and provided ACLs are in order, allow that traffic to pass back in.
Miguel Angel Perez MuñozCommented:
You can try adding an entry on host file to do resolution with internal IP.
RAMU CHAuthor Commented:
We cannot do 1000 PCs  hence it should happen over Firewall..

Is there any configuration in ASA firewall
RAMU CHAuthor Commented:
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