HP Laptop Won't Come On

I have a HP Pavilion g series laptop that all of the sudden went off & won't come back on. When I plug the power to it with the batter attached, the little light next to the power plug is white for a few seconds then turns to an amber color. When I detach the battery & plug the power to it, the little light stays white. When I turn it on nothing appears on the screen & I can hear the fan start then it immediatley stops. The power button stay lit up with a color white & the f12 button has a little light on it is the color amber. No beep codes or anything on the screen. I have reseated teh hard drive & RAM but that has not fixed it. I have also took the battery out & held the power button in for 60 seconds then let go plus I have tried a good RAM stick with no luck. This laptop has Windows 7 on it. This did not reset anything either....any other suggestions as to what this could be?
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kadafitcdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you can, try to connect it to an external monitor via the VGA port or TV via the HDMI port to see if you get video.  Hold a flashlight up to the screen and if you see anything then you probably have a bad backlight.

That being said.  With these HP laptops they have a huge problem with the video chip overheating and either cracking the solder joints or frying the chip itself.  Depends on your model but it's a well known problem.  Most of the time you can have it reflowed which will fix cracked solder joints.  Some places will even replace the Chip itself for you.  Otherwise you will be stuck with having to get a new Motherboard to fix the problem.

If you give us the exact model which can be found on the bottom near the HP bar codes (It may be under the battery) then we can help you with further information such as links to people who reflow them and used or new Motherboards.
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
It's possible the power supply isn't outputting the proper voltages, but this sounds like the motherboard is dead.
wantabe2Author Commented:
The model number is g6-1b68nr
The serial number is 5cg1330v03

If I have to get another MB maybe I can find a cheap one in case it don't fix it
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Ok so you have some options.  If you think you can remove the motherboard yourself and send it in to be fixed then you can go with the cheapest $25 reflow w/ copper shim or a cheap $40 reflow and test or you can go with a $75 longer lasting reball(which means they pull the chip and use better solder).  Or if you don't think you can pull the motherboard he also offers a full repair which you send the whole unit in and they will do it for you.  $120 for that.

Here's their page on ebay.  http://www.ebay.com/usr/wpbcomputertech

If you think you'd rather just buy the motherboard look under the RAM for the HP barcode on the motherboard and give us the number.  It usually ends in -001 Then we can find you a part.
wantabe2Author Commented:
You are too kind! Thanks so much. I can replace the board... the numbers under the RAM are as follows...I'm unsure which one you will need so I am adding them all on here:


SPS: 639521-001




MAC: 78E3B559867D

Is it a possibility that this board could have been recalled since it is a known issue?
Usually when the system powers on (noted by the fan spinning up) and shuts right off, then there could be a problem with the system over heating or the system has a bad mobo. Often what happens the vents get clogged up with dust bunnies and the system has no way of cooling itself. If you feel comfortable disassembling the laptop you can remove the mobo and then remove the heat sink/fan assembly. Often what occurs is a build of dust, hair, etc gets caught between the heat sink and the fan. I have seen this many times you can pull out something similar to lint in the clothes drier. This can not be blown out using canned air when it gets this bad. Once you remove this and reassemble the laptop it is fine. I have done this so many times and recovered many so called dead laptops in my career. If the cause of your system powering right off is not caused by blocked heat sink vents it is most likely a mobo problem, or possibly a cpu (less likely).
Usually if it's an overheating problem as you've said it doesn't just turn on and then right back off.  It usually runs for about 10-45 seconds then goes off unless the fan isn't spinning at all then it is a safety shut off not overheating.

Your Motherboard is 639521-001 There are several available online the best pricing I've found is on ebay as well.  They start around $95


Make sure to check the condition and make sure it is a good working board before you buy it.  Beware of the for parts not working motherboards.

You will also want to invest in some good Arctic Silver 5 for the CPU and a copper shim kit for your video chip would help prevent this from happening in the future.
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