Corporate iPhone linked to ex-employee: How to activate?

Hello All,

I have an iPhone and a iPad on ios 7 that I can't activate because it is attached with the apple id of a person who no longer works for us (bridge has been burnt). We utilize a 3rd party software (Meraki) to manage profiles on the device and using that I was able to wipe it clean without the apple id, however when I go to reactivate it the dreaded apple id shows its head again. I understand that this is a security feature and all but how do I get past this "bricked" phone? In hindsight we should have never allowed the apple id to leave without getting the phone removed.

I am pretty sure the answer is going to be "recreate the bridge" and that there is no other way but I am hoping for a miracle.

Mandeep KhalsaAsked:
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Jeff PerryConnect With a Mentor Windows AdministratorCommented:
According to everything I have found the only way to unlock it is to get the users password.
Mandeep KhalsaAuthor Commented:
Yes I have to agree.

However this tale is ending on a high note. The ex-employee apparently was smart enough to change the password on the account however the email associated with the apple id was still the corporate email. A little password reset request and we are back to normal. I wish the sole point of contact had told me earlier :)
Jeff PerryWindows AdministratorCommented:
Glad you got it sorted and what good luck that they had left the corporate email on the id.
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