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Motivate to CEO and CIO for a better salary

Posted on 2014-02-17
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2014-05-21
I met with my superiors last week to discuss my carrier advancement, especially my Salary.

They asked me to present a detailed list of my duties or contribution to the company - attached is a list of my current duties.

In my team, it's me, and 2 juniors I manage, we all report to IT Manger or CIO.

He is a developer by background and also manages 1 developer and 3 DBAs.

I am in charge of the hardware infrastructure, so my need here is for someone to assist me in listing other duties a person in my position might be doing, that I am not listing.

Ask me questions I am more than happy to answer.

When finished with this document, I wish to appear as a dependable, trusted and the future of the company; I am battling to represent this myself.
Question by:Sikhumbuzo Ntsada
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Accepted Solution

regmigrant earned 1840 total points
ID: 39865387
What you have presented is a good solid description of your job, what you need to show is how important all that stuff is to the company. Listing duties alone is self defeating - if I employ someone as my infrastructure manager then I already pay him to do infrastructure stuff and having him list it to me is a waste of time but I am VERY interested in how effective completion of those duties have made me faster, happier, better quality, more efficient, more profitable

- so you installed some servers - how much did it save, why was it good for the bottom line, who benefitted the most and why

- you did some security and DR work - get hold of the business case for those projects and it will have a list of expected benefits that YOU delivered

- you trained some junior staff - what is their opinion of you? What should the company be doing to make sure that investment is not wasted by them leaving, what's your plan for developing them further

Show you understand where the company is trying to go, show how you can contribute to it getting there - without listing a lot of IT jargon and day to day duties

Assisted Solution

cambo84 earned 80 total points
ID: 39865529
Put yourself in your manager's shoes.  Make your presentation as concise as possible and be pragmatic.  Focus on quantifiable value-added work and show numbers.  For example, you had a project due in March and you completed it one month ahead of time and saved the company $20,000.  Don't write long paragraphs, put your accomplishments in bullet item lists.

As regmigrant suggested above, present work above and beyond your job description.  Few managers reward employees for just doing their jobs.
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Assisted Solution

viki2000 earned 80 total points
ID: 39866650
It is not always about how good you are and what you have done.
It is not even about the savings that you bring to the company.
I went through all these things. I tell from experience.
You may have the chance that you get a better salary by doing all these things, but many times is only a hope. You have to do them but is not necessary the key.
You need to know if the company is doing well or not financially.
You may ask for a better salary only when the top people are happy with the incoming numbers. That is the right moment.
There is at least one more moment: somehow you found out that other employees have similar, very close or better salary than yours and you know that  you worked hard and with good results. Then you may bring the word about salary increase.
In the past I have done also something else: I noticed the moment when the company needed me and I was ready to quit the job showing that I waas not satisfied with the salary. It is like poker, you have to be ready to go, but also you may win. I had luck and they almost doubled the salary, but I worked minimum 12 hours per day.
Are you prepared to work more for a better salary?
But in fact is not about all these either. It is about 2 things: circumstances and relation with superiors.
Beyond your job, if you can have a kind of personal relation with superiors then you are on the right path. That is the plus that will help you on top of your skills and your achievements.
You can build your relation slowly. Gain your boss trust and the sympathy.
Look at how you behave, how you interact as person to person.
That is more valuable than skills and achievements, many times. It is not a rule, but counts a lot.
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Assisted Solution

regmigrant earned 1840 total points
ID: 39866955
Viki makes some good points - you won't get a salary increase unless the company is feeling confident about current trading so make sure of the company's current and future plans and no matter how valuable *you* think you are the company won't see it unless your manager is helping you politically.

I disagree with the threatening to leave for a better job 'poker game' though - if you decide its time to leave and find another job you should commit to it, once you have resigned and let them talk you into staying you will find they treat you with less respect (even if they pay you more) and if you have to leave every time you want a promotion then consider if that is a company you want to work for at all.

But most important is to remember that these are all generalisations - you need to understand yourself and the company you work for and see where the two fit together best and present that view to your management, not just during appraisals but every day.

One problem I have observed with technical people in particular (I manage a lot of them) is that they are focussed on the technology they are working on. I led a course in Agile Development for an Accenture group in India, they were all very smart graduates with a long history of code writing for a major telecoms client but not one of them read a telecoms journal or knew any of the history of the client or even Accenture's involvement with them outside their immediate scope. This is not a recipe for success.
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Author Comment

by:Sikhumbuzo Ntsada
ID: 39875986
"you did some security and DR work - get hold of the business case for those projects and it will have a list of expected benefits that YOU delivered"

I used this as my basis to build my motivation, thanks a lot - I will come back here and update you all about what transpired.
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Expert Comment

ID: 39875994
we hope it goes well!
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Author Comment

by:Sikhumbuzo Ntsada
ID: 40081313
Finally I managed to get good raise and training money for Cisco and Juniper.

Awesome, thanks a lot guys.

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