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What is a good recommend Anti-virus software for a Company with 200 laptops/PC's and 10 servers? currently using Make Enterprise which is not very good at detecting and removing viruses.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Only use commercial paid Anti Virus for a business. I have had to rip of cheap AV and replace with decent AV to stop virus outbreaks.

I use Symantec Endpoint Protection on servers and workstations. Pricing is competitive, resource consumption is low, server logs have to be managed to control disk space.

There are other good manufacturers of commercial paid product.
Free or paid?
The free AV tools are only for private use, not for use in a company (except Clamav, which is OpenSource, but it doesn't include a real-time option, so for most situations it isn't usable).

I would go for PandaCloud AntiVirus, it uses the least resources and is very good.
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They all have their quirks.
The best out there are still only about 90% effective.
I use AVG and it does a decent job.
I've had Symantec detect viruses and not be able to clean them and then use the M$ freebie and they're gone.
Kind of a crap shoot.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
They all have their quirks. The best out there are still only about 90% effective.

Yes. That is because ALL Antivirus solutions are rear guard applications that figure out current virus definitions AFTER the Zero Day attack.

@DNRRP - Tell your management you do need good commercial anti virus, and then tell your people to use common sense.

There is very little likelihood that some virus will seek you out.

Virus attacks are caused be gullible people thinking an "I can help you" button is OK to click. All deals to good to be true, all get rich schemes, all "I am your friend" schemes, all "I can fix your computer schemes", all jokes, all dodgy sites should ALL be avoided. This is the only real way to protect a computer.
web_trackerComputer Service TechnicianCommented:
This type of question you will get several different opinions as we have several users who satisfied with the products that they uses. We used to use the Symantec endpoint product but we have since moved to the MS Forefront Endpoint product at the  university where I work we support over 5000 computers at the university where I work. We are quite happy with the product. It uses the same virus definition and search engine as MS Security Essentials.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
This question is asked regularly and you need to understand that asking it is like asking for the best flavor of Ice Cream.  There are DOZENS of flavors and dozens of Antivirus products and EVERYONE has an opinion.  

So, that said, here's mine:

SYMANTEC is AWFUL.  We use it at one client where I have no say in the product used (it's a large multi-national company).  I've cleaned more viruses off the computers I help them with (50 or so) in the past year than I have off all my other clients combined in the last 3 years, possibly more, at least another 75 systems.

The product I use at my other clients?  VIPRE from ThreatTrack (GFI).  VIPRE is very nicely priced, has a great management console and deployment system, and is quite effective and not a resource hog in my experience.
Very easy to hate Symantec,they give you a lot of good reasons.

I have had at least 15 or 20 years dealing with their products (backup ,antivirus),and they ,along with CA,have been taking turns on one upping who can turn out the worst products.
*** Hopeleonie ***IT ManagerCommented:
I second Rindi.
We use Panda Cloud Office Protection for thousands of clients.
Webroot SecureAnywhere (business endpoint protection) is another great option.
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