I want to implement marketing automation, any ideas from strong experience?

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I want to implement marketing automation, I have IT company that already registered , Please advise me about your experience, good advices in this industry
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I have hands-on experience with two of the primary competitors(Marketo and Pardot) and have reviewed Eloqua as well. To my knowledge, those are the main full-function systems, but there are other players in the market such as Hubspot, Silverpop or Act On, that I can not talk about with any insight.

In terms of functionality, here is the core of what you can expect from a marketing automation system:
- Drip campaigns (automated emails sending campaigns)
- Visitor Tracking (tracking of both anonymous and known users visits to your web properties)
- Lead Scoring (scoring leads based on actions like visiting pages, downloading items, etc.)
- Email sending (sending of emails similar to any Email Marketing System)
- Landing Pages (creating and hosting of landing pages)

There are other features like asset storage or link redirecting, but those are less important.

As I said, having used both Marketo and Pardot, I think they are fairly similar. I have peers and colleagues who use or used Eloqua, and from demonstrations and from talking with them, I believe it is not too different. I would say they differentiate as follows:
Pardot: Easier to use, but less flexible on features, fairly poor support
Marketo: Harder to use, but more flexible features, e.g. more control over drip campaign flows, fairly poor support
Eloqua: Robust functionality, complex to use, great support

That is some basic info. Do you need more detailed information? If so, what?


Thanks Mr. Mark for your kind support.
Let's talk in details.
First I launch my website, so do u mean I have to make my website same like amazon.com, people post used /new IT items on the website and I put my margin then I deliver it to the customers. because my information is less in this industry
Warm Regards
ihab_h, I think we are talking about 2 different things.  Your first question seemed to be about marketing automation, which is a class of software that includes the tools I discussed. But your last comment seems like you are setting up an eCommerce site, or more specifically an eCommerce intermediary, similar to eBay, or part of what Amazon offers.  Can you be more specific on what advice you are looking for?
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I want to implement marketing automation, but I search the internet, I understand that marketing automation is like eBay or amazon,Please advise
Jacqueline GragnolaDemand Generation Manager
It seems that your understanding of marketing automation differs from the typical reference from a marketing standpoint. Marketing automation is a subset of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and focuses on the definition, scheduling, segmentation and tracking of marketing campaigns.

Do you have a product you would like to sell online? Perhaps an inventory system such as http://lettuce.com or http://shopify.com would be helpful.

If this is not the case and you are looking for a way to track and manage your marketing outreach, I can assist in some knowledge of these systems. You can view the attached file which describes marketing automation more in-depth.

Please let me know if I am off-track in answering your needs.
eBay and Amazon are often referred to as "online marketplaces". Is this this what you are referring to?  Are you looking to set up an online marketplace?


It seems that I was having wrong information about marketing automation,I want to get market reports about which hardware/software product is mostly used in the market or mostly required in certain countries , so I can tune my business or direct it to sell this kind of product, then I seek for partnership with this product.
"Marketing intelligence uses tracking codes in social media, email and webpages to track the behavior of anyone interested in a product or service to gain a measure of intent. It can record which social media group or thread they followed, which link was clicked on in an email or which search term was used to access a website. Multiple link analysis can then track buyer behavior - following links and multiple threads related to product A but not B will show an interest only in A. This allows more accurately targeted response and the development of a nurturing program specifically targeted towards their interest and vertical market. Due to its interactive nature this has been described as Marketing Automation 2.0." wikipedia
Something like that

Thanks for the explanation.  I think we are talking about a couple things. The post above refers to an advanced form of Marketing Automation (the service provided by the companies I referred to above), but from my experience, most of them are not so advanced that they "can record which social media group or thread they followed". I would say that most companies are good at Marketing Automation 1.0, and not yet 2.0, but I would guess that this description comes from a company that claims to do this. Is that correct?

Almost all Marketing Automation providers will definitely track clicks on emails (sent from that system) and activity on web pages (that contain tracking code for that system). It will then collect that data for each user (determined by user cookie and login/register activity) and allow you to take actions based on that behavior. For example, you could have a rule like this: if the user clicks on this link and visits this web page, then send them this set of emails and send a notification to a salesperson.

This is where I get a little confused about reference to eBay or Amazon. If you are looking to track user behavior on eBay or Amazon, it is not possible because they do not contain your tracking code.

Does this help answer your question?


"But I would guess that this description comes from a company that claims to do this. Is that correct?"
This quotation is from Wikipedia.com
Is there a system get market reports about which hardware/software product is mostly used in the market or mostly required in certain countries , so I can tune my business or direct it to sell this kind of product, then I seek for partnership with this product.
It sounds like you are looking for market intelligence on what products/technologies are selling in certain markets. I have used companies like Gartner Research, IDC and Forrester Research to get market intelligence in the past (Gartner or IDC would likely be more valuable for your industries), but they can be quite expensive for custom research.  

In just looking at the web, there are companies like this (www.abiresearch.com) that provide compiled paid research as well on specific technology sectors (disclosure, I have not used them, so can not vouch for them).

I know there is also research done by the federal government that I have seen, but I think it will be too macro for your uses.  

Hopefully this helps...


Mr Mark
So there is no application can do this job, only paid research from some companies, right?Please clarify
I don't think there is an application of this sort. eBay or Amazon might supply you this information, but I don't think an application could pick this up.


Thanks very much Mr. Mark for your support
My pleasure.  Good luck in your new venture!

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