Can Anyone View or Edit or Convert This TS File

TS (Transport Stream) files seem to come in many flavours.
I can edit TS files that come from two out of three of my digital terrestrial recorders, but not my Walker TV.

I've tried ......
Windows Media Player
Media Player Classic
Any Video Converter
Gspot says "Unknown File"

The file is definitely okay and it plays on a USB stick in the TV.
Due to EE restrictions, you will need to rename it from TS File.doc to TS File.ts
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EirmanChief Operations ManagerAsked:
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Honestly I think you can give up, the Walker system encodes the TS files in 64MB chunks, each of which have their proprietary hardware encyption applied. The completed recording then has the chunks compiled. Although the file extensions match the ISO DVD standards the file structure doesn't.  If you record it on Walker hardware that's the only hardware you'll be able to play it back on.
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEConnect With a Mentor DeveloperCommented:
Nothing I have can open it. MediaInfo can't detect a format for it and doesn't even show any codecs in it:

Eirman MediaInfo
No format type, no video codecs, no audio codecs — very strange for a video file! By way of comparison, here's the MediaInfo output from the <football.ts> file that I posted in our last thread together:

football MediaInfoThis leads me to think that the file is either damaged or in a proprietary format. Are you having trouble with all TV Walker files or just this one? If the latter, then it's probably damaged such that PC software can't open it, but TV Walker itself is able to play it (the good parts). If the former, I suggest trying some different video formats. I don't have TV Walker, but I did find its manual, and it has a Settings dialog with a Record Settings tab that lets you choose a video format — "MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MS-MPEG-4, VCD, DVD, or another MPEG-4 codec such as DivX." It also lets you choose the video and audio bitrates. Experiment with different video formats. Regards, Joe
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The Walker WP645TS-HD??

A "Tescos Special" that has proprietary DRM locking on recordings which can only be viewed through hardware decoding :(  

What's the USB stick plugged into for playback?
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EirmanChief Operations ManagerAuthor Commented:
It's definitely not a corrupt file.

I can only view it when the usb stick is in the TV.

I also have a Walker set-top box and I can view those TS files in VCL.
EirmanChief Operations ManagerAuthor Commented:
proprietary DRM locking on recordings
It seems to be something like that.
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEConnect With a Mentor DeveloperCommented:
Here's a thread that sounds a lot like your issue:

Also with no solution. :(  Regards, Joe
MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
TS files. ... MPEG-2 is the format used in the DVD-Video format and is also part of the HD DVD specification, ie Vobs..
Video_ts is the video usualy inside a folder from DVD
DVD contents structure, explains why it plays off your USB stick as the TV sees it inside of a strutcure, outside of the VIDEO_TS folder it's useless.
rename it's extension to mpeg
Look at my screenshot of the contents of a DVD Video folder
note there is only actually 4 or 5 main parts vts01_1  vts01_2 and so on to vts01_5 that is the movie. The rest is just the ifo and bup files used by the DVD lasor to point the lasor to chapter marks etc.
Those are nothing really
How come your video main video_ts is only 35 megs?
DVD contents structuremovie partsTry renaming your TS extension from video_ts to video_mpg and then play it either VLC or MPC<< since this all I'll do anyway
The TS video you posted is not a valid video file so it's probably part something else not the main movie,maybe part of the IFO and bup files, those smaller vobs could be the menue's preview of chapter parts end credits, DVD structure is made of many parts if you separate them only the main movie parts will play not th eothers as they are only information.
TS fileIt is a valid file but is missing the rest of the information in order to play that may indicate you have grabbed the wrong file from the video files. This is just an information file.

You can name it anything you like so long as the extension is mpeg
Use only the main part of the vobs ie vts01_1 etc.
The piece your offereing is identified by by media player classic BE  as the icons changed to that but it cant render it.
So I'd say you have confused this file with the one that is playing from the USB stick.
What is on the USB stick? A full VIDEO_TS folder and inside is the movie like in my screenshot?
EirmanChief Operations ManagerAuthor Commented:
Hello Merette. Thanks for your detailed reply.

Renaming the TS extension to anything else does nothing. The reason the file is small is that it's a 90 second specially recorded sample (of Deal Or No Deal) that had to be under the 50 MB EE limit.

The automatically created USB file structure is ...

The STORAGE folder is empty (It's used for photo storage)

The RECS folder holds the TS file(s)  in this case, one 32.8 MB file.

The RECSINFO folder has three files ....
1) RECS.inf  (64kb)
2) the TS file name.inf  (16kb)
3) the TS file name.adf  (16kb)

I have exactly the file same structure on my other two devices and I can copy the TS files straight to a PC and play/edit them. The inf/adf files are irrelevant in this situation.

Unfortunately my Walker TV seems to be adding a layer of hardware encryption making the TS files unplayable.

I have attached another unmodified TS file (audio in this case) recorded on a Humax Digital Terrestial DVR. It plays okay on VLC. It's nice creepy short story and worth a listen.

As before, rename the file to a Lullaby.ts
It's looking like there will be no solution to this question.
I won't cancel it. I always give points for effort!
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
Yes, VLC plays the audio on <lullaby.ts> fine. Here are MediaInfo tree views of your "bad" file and lullaby:

MediaInfo bad fileMediaInfo good file
It can't even detect any audio or video info about the "bad" file. In fact, it can't find anything about the file except its name and size! The Walker folks are almost surely making some kind of proprietary and/or secured/protected file. Regards, Joe
digital terrestrial recorders,
Walker TV
I'm not familiar with these since I'm in Australia, yes I love Deal or no Deal lol we have it here as well.
The way I have my setup is my Samsung TV hooked up to my Panasonic DVR it has a 350 gig HDD and records to that.
You are recording to a USB.
To transfer anything off the Panasonic I'd need to burn that to a RW DVD.
I use RW so I can format them.
I also have USB but my Panasonic wont let me take video off Panasonic to USB the files are in the wrong format.
You dont have a HDD attached and are using this USB with a specifi amount of space on the USB stick>
PVR Functions (recording, playback via USB)<< this an alternate method instead of recording to a HDD
it is portable DVD on a usb stick.
This USB acts just like a DVD disc.

Like a DVD structure this is also a complete set of files that you cant separate..
you say>
The automatically created USB file structure is ...
     DVR<< what is under here? any .dat? that should be your video
     RECS<<< this is the output
     RECSINFO<< ifo files they are required to play the video outside of the USB
     STORAGE<< I have this on my Panasonic HDD as well. Varios folders.
The STORAGE folder is empty (It's used for photo storage)
The RECS folder holds the TS file(s)  in this case, one 32.8 MB file.

This is the directory structure>>
The RECSINFO folder has three files ....
1) RECS.inf  (64kb)
2) the TS file name.inf  (16kb)
3) the TS file name.adf  (16kb)

Ok one question can you play this USB stick complete as is on your computer?
You need to point VLC to the RECSINFO folder those files are the directory I believe and will play the file ( video) RECS folder or possibly in the DVR folder.
What is in the DVR  folder as the letters stands for Digital video recorder.

If you copy the entire usb Folder with all those little files onto your desktop
then play it in VLC does that work?
It's like a portable DVD but on a USB
Point VLC to this folder then press play.

If you can play the USB stick actual folder directory in VLC
VLC has a hidden tool that will record what you play
Just go to View show advanced controls.
Then you'll see a red button. clickon that during playback it will record whatever is playing.
You need to look in the preferences of VLC to set the save to directory as well.
You test please and post back.

I do get audio with your new file no video it requires all those files
 RECS.inf  (64kb) the TS file name.inf  (16kb) the TS file name.adf
EirmanChief Operations ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Merete, To answer your questions ...

The DVR folder only contains the three subfolders.

I get the same result with a USB external HD

I copied the entire file structure to the PC.
I tried the INF and ADF files with VLC .... No Joy.

I selected the RECSINFO folder with VLC and got this error message.
VLC can't recognize the input's format:
The format of 'file:///G:/DVR/RECSINFO/2014011716182001B.ADF' cannot be detected. Have a look at the log for details.

And as I already said, the TS files play fine on VLC when recorded on other devices without the ancillary files (Just like VOB files on a DVD can be played on their own).

Thanks for that tip on recording within VLC ... Useful.

The reason you get no video on Lullaby.ts is that it's an audio file. I recorded it on BBC radio 7 (now Radio 4extra). Play it some Halloween night!
I use "Any Video Converter Ultimate" to convert my TS files to MP3 and AVI.

I think the Walker hardware decoding on the fly has beaten us all!
Lets see... I havent given up yet and want to explorer a couple of things, but because I dont have all the files I cant really know, it should play in my WMP and I have many tools a quad core system so the Hdef shouldnt be a problem.
Drop your video TS on to VLC then go to the top>Tools> click on Video codecs.
I see zero in all of them.
Under statistics same thing, so it must because I'm missing the ifo files.
There is a problem with this somewhere and it could be the USB.
I found this, bad rap about the recording
Recording Saorview on a walker tv

.ts is the extension for a single DVB Transport Streaming file
 You must convert a .ts file into .mpeg file  in order to burn it in a dvd or dvx.
But not everything will support converting it
Was your goal to convert this?
To give you some ideas
you might find this very useful
Quick look on the TS format
TS file extension is stands for Transport Stream. This is a well-known communications protocol for audio, video, and data etc. This is specified in MPEG2 Part 1, Systems (ISO/IEC standard 13818-1). This data stream is also known as ITU-T Rec. H.222.0. .TS file extension is a perfect container format to encapsulate packetized elementary streams.
List of programs that open TS files

VLC can convert video as well but first you need to see if you can get the ts to play in VLC
This is an old guide but I will give it a try
How to convert in VLC
How to convert any movie file to .mp4 VLC

As I said earlier I bought a Panasonic twin High def DVR, it has an inbuilt HDD with a DVD burner.
I have my cable TV set top box hookd up to the Panasonic AVS1
My TV is hooked up to the Panasonic as well
 so that the Panasonic is my twin digital TV PVR as well as the set top box for the cable TV and so I can record the cable TV or digital free to air TV to watch later through the schedualer.

Regards Merete
Yes you are right and nice explaination.
EirmanChief Operations ManagerAuthor Commented:
Everyone gets an A for effort.
Thankyou Eirman ;)
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
We tried! Thanks for the points. Regards, Joe

P.S. Now that you've had it for a while, is VideoReDo working well for you? Did you get the H.264 version or Version 3?
EirmanChief Operations ManagerAuthor Commented:
Hi Joe,  I got the H264 version and it works really well for me. It's pity that it doesn't support more formats such as AVI & MP3.

My Tip:

I use MP3 Direct Cut for MP3 editing and recording (It's handier than Audacity).
It's really excellent and free.

Thanks again for your help

Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
Hi David,
I never heard of mp3DirectCut, so thanks for the tip...I'll check it out. This really shows how well the EE community can work. Now you know about VideoReDo and I know about mp3DirectCut. Good stuff! Regards, Joe
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