Reset Cisco Embedded AP password


I have a 800 Series Cisco with wireless capabilities. I can login to the router just fine, but can't login to the embedded wireless AP. I know that before entering the AP you must first login with router credentials again, but I can't get any further from there.

Is there a way to reset the password set on the embedded AP without losing your configuration in the process? I know about the commands that will reset the AP-s configuration(and also the passwords), but I need the configuration to remain intact.

Thanks in advance.
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marek1712Connect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no password recovery available on emebdded AP only a password reset. this is achieved by resetting Ap to factory default
Router# service-module wlan-ap0 reset default-config
I don't think you will need a password to access wifi feature.

Are you able to get in to enable mode?  (it will say name# after you log in)

Can you post sh run once you are in?
ht_compAuthor Commented:
I'm able to get to routers enable mode, but if I  use service-module wlan-ap 0 session to get to the AP-s module, I can't get pass the login screen.
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ht_compAuthor Commented:

I tested it out earlier and this will reset the configuration the embedded AP, but I need the configuration to remain intact.

I tried resetting the bootloader and got to the AP-s ROMMON. Is there any way I can go on from there, without losing my configuration in the process. I was thinking about trying to export the running configuration to a tftp server from ROMMON, and then resetting the AP. After that If I can get inside the AP-s module, I can import the configuration as might just be able to reset the password. Would that be an option?
That works for normal IOS. Dunno about WLAN-AP. I've tried to find information about configuration registers of this module but can't find any.
ht_compAuthor Commented:
I'm also able to see the inside of the embedded AP-s flash and I was thinking whether I could just change to name of the running configuration, but don't know exactly which file it is and don't know what the concenquences of changing it is.


2    -rwx  5         <date>               private-config
3    -rwx  2775      <date>               config.txt
4    drwx  256       <date>               ap801-k9w7-mx.124-21a.JA1
152  -rwx  414       <date>               env_vars
153  drwx  128       <date>               ap801-rcvk9w8-mx
156  -rwx  2775      <date>               cpconfig-ap801.cfg
157  -rwx  2775      <date>               back_up.txt
158  -rwx  1048      <date>               private-multiple-fs
One of the .cfg files should contain the configuration. Use MORE command to display its' contents and then use i.e. PuTTY's "Copy to clipboard" function to backup configuration.
Restore the WLAN-AP to the default and then import the script.
ht_compAuthor Commented:
I used the command "more flash:cpconfig-ap801.cfg" but it seems that this is the default configuration file. I also opened back_up.txt and config.txt but they were all default configurations.

I noticed that the ap801-rcvk9w8-mx is a directory which also contained a 2 files, one of them was ap801-rcvk9w8-mx, but I can't manage to open it - It sends me an error, permission denied. I thought that maybe I'm using a wrong command. How can I use more on a directory which is situated inside of flash directory?

I used the command : more "ap801-rcvk9w8-mx:ap801-rcvk9w8-mx"
This file seems to be the system image.
Can you post the output of the following command?
dir all-filesystems

Open in new window

ht_compAuthor Commented:
The command "dir all-filesystems" gives me an error : unable to stat all-filesystems:/: permission denied.

But if I just use the command dir, I get the following output:

List of filesystems currently registered:

               flash[0]: (read-write)
              xmodem[1]: (read-only)
                null[2]: (read-write)
                tftp[5]: (read-only)
It seems only flash: is accessible. But you've listed the contents and valid config isn't there.
I can't think of anything else. If you have valid SmartNET subscription then I think your only way is to contact TAC.
ht_compAuthor Commented:
Isn't an actual solution.
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