Sonicwall preventing laptop from connecting

We have recently installed a sonicwall and have set up the staff with static ips assigned by mac address.  This way we can filter the students web content but not the staff and staff can have an ip automatically.

The problem is there is one laptop that is not connecting to the router for some reason.  we have double checked the mac address and configuration items multiple times.  have jumped through the usual hoops of turning wifi off and on, forgetting the network and re-adding it, powering off the laptop and restarting ... nothing works.

If we do not add the laptop as a mac address it connects right up to the network quickly it is only when we try to add the mac address for a static ip that the problem occurs.
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If this laptop has moved, or in any other way connected to the Sonicwall differently, it may be confused about its MAC address.

Try rebooting the Sonicwall when you have a chance and see if that helps.

Also, same for any managed switches in the path.
stcatechiesAuthor Commented:
we have rebooted the sonic wall several times but not the managed switches.  I will give that a try and let you know.
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