External Subdomain Page not loading from inside the domain

I have a single domain for my company we will call "monkey.com".  We have an external webhost that is hosting our website, www.monkey.com.  This has worked no problem as I just had a DNS entry on my DNS server that pointed WWW out to their IP address.  

However, they have added a page, info.monkey.com which pulls up fine from outside the domain, but inside the domain, it doesn't come up.  So I added an A record in DNS for "info", pointed it to the same IP address as the main website, and figured that should do the trick.... But it still isn't resolving.  I get a generic

An NSLOOKUP from inside the domain does indeed resolve info.monkey.com to the same IP as monkey.com.  I can ping info.monkey.com and it comes up with the same IP.  I have flushed DNS a hundred and one times, tried every browser on the planet, and decided I must be missing something...  Any thoughts?  

Thanks in advance!
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Mandeep KhalsaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you sure that www.monkey.com and info.monkey.com resolve to the same IP address externally? Go to http://centralops.net and put both your domains to see what IP address it gives you in the nslookup query.
thetraveler359Author Commented:
Well how about them apples.  Sure enough, it does NOT resolve to same IP.  Turns out the service Hubspot they are using is actually hosting that page...  NOT what they told me, but thank you for making me check on that.  It works now!
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