How can I make the security tab visible on a users Active Directory account

Good afternoon experts,

I have recently taken over a small Active Directory network and I am at a lost as to how to show the security tab of a specific user. Here is an example user:

I used to know AD like the back of my hand , but I am a little rusty. It's probably something simple , but its worth it to me. How do I expose the security tab?

Thanks in advance.
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helpfinderIT ConsultantCommented:
in the User and computers window click View>Advanced Features and you should get it (Security tab for user properties)
Arjun VyavahareTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Open Active Directory Users and Computer and go to View option --> click on Advanced Features and then you can see Security tab in the user's properties.

BLACK THANOSAuthor Commented:
See , I knew it was something simple. I am so cray cray.
BLACK THANOSAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys
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