Need help correcting shared calendar problems using Outlook 2007 and Exchange 2010

Hello all,

We are having a problem with sharing a calendar using Outlook 2007 and Exchange 2010.

I will start with some background. I have just started my position with this company. I have been working with networks for awhile at the small business level. I have not had much production experience with exchange. There is only myself and my supervisor who has inherited a midsized network which was built by five previous techs that are no longer with the company. Of course, the previous techs did not leave much documentation, so the original hows and whys for our system setup has been lost.

One of the managers has a calendar she shares with some of our users. I believe this calendar has been in use since sometime in 2006. A mailbox was created to hold this calendar to keep it separate from the managers calendar. I am not sure what version of exchange they were using at that time, but I assume there was one or two migrations of it getting to its current state on our exchange 2010 server. At some point it was observed that the other workers she was sharing with were not able to access it correctly. I am not fully sure what the original problem was (possibly some people not being able to see or connect to the calendar), but it was decided to give everyone who needed access to this calendar full access permissions through exchange. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that gave everyone connected the ability to do anything with the calendar. Of course the manager was not happy about that. This is where I started working on the problem.

I removed everyone, except the manager who wants to control the calendar, from having "Full Access Permissions". This seemed to correct the unwanted ability of everyone being able to change the calendar items. Next problem, it seems that the calendar items that the controlling manager creates can not be seen by some of the other calendar viewers. I think there is something wrong with her permissions, even though they currently look set to her being the owner and having full access. I have seen her create a calendar entry, set it to private, and then not be able to open or edit it afterwards. Like the calendar entry she just created was not owned by her.

Is it possible to troubleshoot this or should a new calendar be created? They would prefer having the history that the calendar provides but I have no idea how to go about fixing it.

I realize this is a big mess, and your help would be greatly appreciated.
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WinsoupConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would use powershell. To give the owner permission run the following,

add-mailboxfolderpermission -identity\calendar -user -accessrights owner

Identity is the email address of the calendar and user is who you want to have access.

To give people read only access run this:

add-mailboxfolderpermission -identity\calendar -user -accessrights reviewer

If you need to remove access just change the add at the beginning to remove and take out the -accessrights owner/reviewer at the end
YetAnotherTechAuthor Commented:
I haven't really used powershell. Is that the best way to try and correct a situation like this?

Do you think if I reestablish the manager as the owner it would make her entries that are currently on the calendar that others cant see visible?

Also, could you also tell me if it is possible to copy a calendar from one mailbox to another?
I prefer using powershell for these things because it's easier to to give rights that you want such as editor, owner, reviewer, etc.
I don't know that giving the manager owner rights would make them visible for anyone else. You're probably going to have to give reviewer rights to those who can't see it.
Yes you should be able to copy a calendar, unfortunately I'm not in spot to test it right now though. I can get back to you on that. Maybe someone else who'll chime in.

I would suggest getting to know powershell a little. It's a powerful tool and allows you to do much more than just using the management console.
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