How to setup an ODBC between MS Access and Peachtree

I am trying to create my ODBC connection to Peachtree to retrieve data and do some statistical processing.   I don't have control or setup of the Peachtree File Server but was given a server file path name (use \\myserver\mycompany\mypeachtree  where mypeachtree is the folder that holds the Peachtree files.   I was also given a user name and password that was setup ( I was told) as the "only access" for ODBC.  

In following the attachment I don't get the same screen shot as show in step 6.  Also when I try to use the \\myserver.... in the adress it will not create.  I get an error in the pvsw.log of "Btrieve server not found.  PNSL open session by name returned status = 3103."

What I need to know is
1. was there not something not completed on the Peachtree side that I need to go back to that group with
2. What am I missing on my side in information to correctly setup a ODBC that works between MS Access and Peachtree
3. Do I or does Peachtree group need to use a Pervasive server to get this to work.
4. Can someone provide me the steps needed to setup the ODBC successfully?  
I have setup other odbcs in the past between MS Access and SQL and Oracle but this Pervasive database has be baffled.

I have downloaded for my client pervasive driver the PSQL-Client-
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Bill BachConnect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
Here is your problem:  The Peachtree ODBC DSN Must *first* be configured on the server.  (This is why your screenshots differ.)  On page two, the text should read:

Create an ODBC Data Source
Before you can connect to the Peachtree database via ODBC, it is necessary to first add the Pervasive database engine as an ODBC data source on the database server. This can be achieved by completing the following steps (on the server):

Also, immediately below that, the item step 2 reads:

2. In the open box, type odbcad32 and click OK. Note: Windows 7 users must do the following:
Navigate to “%systemdrive%\Windows\SysWoW64 folder” and double-click the file
(Odbcad32.exe) from there.

However, this is incorrect.  It should read:

2. In the open box, type odbcad32 and click OK. Note: Users of 64-bit Windows, including Windows Server 2012, Server 2008, and 64-bit versions of Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2003 must do the following:
Navigate to “%systemdrive%\Windows\SysWoW64 folder” and double-click the file
(Odbcad32.exe) from there.

The note immediately prior to step 5 shows this:
Complete steps 5 through 7 for a standalone installation or steps 8 through 13 for a network installation.

Instead, it should read:
Complete steps 5 through 7 for a standalone installation or in order to configure a DSN on the database server for a network installation (i.e. the place where files reside).  If you have a networked client computer, complete steps 8 through 13 instead.

So, to directly answer your 4 questions:
1/3) Maybe.  Please have the database or system administrator confirm that:
a) the proper username has been configured within PeachTree.  This should be done on the server with nobody in the system.
b) the ODBC Engine DSN for PeachTree has been created on the server (steps 5-8).

2) The information that you need includes:
a) The server's name and IP address
b) The PeachTree Engine DSN created on the Server (and specified in step 6)
c) The username (and password, if given) specified in the first section.
If you actually want to follw steps 8-14, then you need more information:
d) An administrative login name and password for the server.
e) The exact location ON THE SERVER (i.e. drive letter and path) of your PeachTree data.

4) Try my own instructions on setting up a DSN here:

The Pervasive driver is no more complicated than other drivers -- but you just have to do things in the right order, and the instructions you have must be followed to the letter for it to work correctly, because they handle a variety of configurations at the same time.  My instructions handle setting it up using two separate steps, one on the server and one on the client, which makes a bit more sense.
gilnariAuthor Commented:
Absolutely perfect information.  I suspected as much however I don't have access to the server I am trying to gain access, nor is the consultant doing the install understand this is a critical step that is needed.  You have given me the informaiton I need to take back to the other consultant team they are not done with their side of configuration.  

Thank you and experts-exchange reminds me once again this is the best place to get answers and keep your projects moving forward when you get into a pickle
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