hp proliant / ilo health

are there any tools/free scripts that could oa general healthcheck of hp proliant servers, and flag up any issues? are there any security concerns and best practices surrounding the ilo tools to manage the server hardware tier?
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Alex GreenConnect With a Mentor 3rd Line Server SupportCommented:
Have you considered using HP Systems insight Manager?
pma111Author Commented:
I am new to HP, can you give an example of the type of issue that tool will check for/report on? is it a dedicated healthcheck type tool? does it produece a summary report of any issues identified? is it free as part of the hardware purchase?
pma111Author Commented:
also heard of hp-health, any experience with that?
Alex Green3rd Line Server SupportCommented:
HP SIM is a infrastructure reporting and live monitoring application for all HP equipment. It will report on all aspects of the hardware including BIOS revisions and will allow for easy patching of hardware.

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