Switching from Exchange to POP3 - Where's the nk2 file?

We are ditching an exchange server and moving key users to hosted exchange and others to pop3 mailboxes.

No problem exporting the Outlook pst's but I can't find the NK2 files (autofill) on the local PC's so I can only assume these are stored on the original Exchange server? Or does anyone know where they might be on Windows 7 PC's?

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Arjun VyavahareConnect With a Mentor Technical ConsultantCommented:

The autocomplete list in Outlook 2010 is stored in the C:\Users\"username"\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\RoamCache folder in the Stream_Autocomplete_0_"numbers/Guid".dat file. When you get the new profile created in Outlook, open a new message and send it to someone then close Outlook and reopen it and close it. This will create a new Stream_Autocomplete_0_"numbers/Guid".dat file. You can tell by the size because it will be very small like 8 kb or less. Copy the Stream_Autocomplete_0_.dat file from the old PC to the new one and rename it to have the same name as the new empty file and Outlook will use and they have their autocomplete list back.

If you're using Outlook 2010 then that is absolutely what is happening, the auto-complete is stored on the Exchange server rather than locally in an .nk2 file.

You can use this article below to export the entries to a file.

MadPCAuthor Commented:
Exactly what I was looking for!

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