Reason: 550 5.7.1 Message rejected due to content restrictions

Hi we have exchange 2010 and getting this error while sending a email through outlook 2010
please advice
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nashim khanConnect With a Mentor Exchange AdministratorCommented:

Is there any Edge server installed if yes then follow the below .

You need to disable on the Edge Server the Attaxchement Filter Agent

Disable-TransportAgent -Identity "Attachment Filtering Agent"

It sould work.

Arjun VyavahareTechnical ConsultantCommented:

I would request you to please answer to below concerns:

1] Is there any attachment is included in the email ?
2] Are you facing this issue with any particular domain or with any domain? If any particular domain then please name those
3] Please check whether your IP is not blacklisted.
4] Please check attachment filter on Edge server is disabled

Waiting for your reply.

sanjeevkmrsAuthor Commented:
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