Trying to set up dual monitors on Dell Inspiron 620 slim tower


One of my offices has a Dell Inspiron 620 slim tower, and I've looked all over the net for a low profile video card that will drive dual monitors. I've read in a few places that the power supply could possibly be too weak to run a card supporting 2 monitors in this particular box. If anyone has any experience with this slim tower and running dual monitors, I'd love to find out which card you're using and how you handled the power supply problem if there is one.

Thanks for your help.
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_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
>> ...any degradation in video quality

No degradation. You can't tell which monitor is on what "card", just by looking at them.
You need to check on the max rez before you pick one, but 1280 x ??? isn't a problem, and 1600 x ??? is probably available (those were set on 1024 x 768 VGA, so I don't remember). Using Digital, you can probably go to even higher.

All 3 of theirs are in Extended Mode (2 on the PCI-E card, one on the USB).

The only "drawback", is that you can't use the USB as the Primary monitor. It doesn't come on until Windows loads the driver. But this is usually a non-issue.  ; )

Also, power from the system isn't a problem, the USB has it's own power jack.
Frosty555Connect With a Mentor Commented:
My go-to graphics card for slim desktop towers is the ATI Radeon HD5450, such as this one:

It's slim, it has a small, passively cooled heat sink that fits in tight spaces, it comes with low profile brackets so you can plug it into a slim form factor desktop. It doesn't consume a whole lot of power so most stock power supplies can handle it.

You want to make sure your desktop tower has some form of chassis cooling fan nearby, though. If it doesn't the card may overheat.

Be aware that it is not a high performance card. It is unsuitable for games, but it will handle movies, Windowds 7 aero, and Windows 8 just fine. It is suitable for a general office workstation, and it's cheap.
Frosty555Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The Nvidia GT610 is a similar card by Nvidia and is another option you could look at too. For example:
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_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Another option is to get a USB Video card.
I put one on a slimline Dell (not sure of the model off the top of my head), to add a third monitor to the setup.
The range in prices, is compatible with the cards Frosty posted, and you don't have to open the case to do it.

as an example:
mbapllcAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info Frosty555. This is for a standard workstation so definitely no need for gaming quality etc. I also think that this would be the only card in the box so overheating might not be an issue. I appreciate the help.
mbapllcAuthor Commented:
Question for you coral47:

Was there any degradation in video quality using the usb adapter or is it limited in its views? I'll need to extend the desktop, not mirror or anything like that. It sounds like the easiest solution, but I need to make sure it will work without me needing to take the box apart. Thanks for the help.
mbapllcAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the great information both of you! Much appreciated!
Thank you much.  Have fun.   : )
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