Delete rows if it has a value of #N/A

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I am trying to write a macro in Excel 2010 that looks at the values in F3 to H500 and if there is a value of #N/A in any of the cells I want to delete the row. I had some luck doing it via auto-filter but I want to put this into a macro format.
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is #N/A in value format or result of a function?
if those are values then you can use this macro. note that iserror could be any error value in the cells for e.g. #REF or #Value or #N/A etc

Sub Macro3()

    Dim rngCell As Excel.Range
    Dim rngDelete As Excel.Range
    For Each rngCell In Range("D2:F5").Cells
        If IsError(rngCell) Then
            If rngDelete Is Nothing Then
                Set rngDelete = rngCell
                Set rngDelete = Union(rngDelete, rngCell)
            End If
        End If
    If Not rngDelete Is Nothing Then
    End If
    Set rngCell = Nothing
    Set rngDelete = Nothing

End Sub

hope this helps
change the range to suit your needs,
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pls try

Sub Macro32()
For Idx = 500 To 3 Step -1
    For Each c In Range("F" & Idx & ":H" & Idx)
        If IsError(c.Value) Then
            If c.Value = CVErr(xlErrNA) Then
                Exit For
            End If
        End If
End Sub

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Have you tried recording your autofilter as a macro? This is a good first step to start getting into the wonderful world of macro writing.



This worked GREAT! I always try to do everything first via the macro recorder but I could not get this one to work via that.

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