SharePoint backup error

I am taking the backup of SharePoint content using Central Administration page and but i am getting this error, Access to the path '\\Srv-04\backup\spbrtoc.xml' is denied.
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Santosh GuptaAsked:
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Shahnawaz AhmedConnect With a Mentor Technical Services SpecialistCommented:
Dear Sgupta1181,

Try this.

Reason: Folder been used for backup doesn't have necessary permission to write a file into it.

1. Navigate to the folder you are using for backup storage
2. Right Click and Select properties
3. Click on Security Tab
4. Add the Service Account with Full Control permissions

Ref link -
check that you have sufficent permission on the folder
Santosh GuptaAuthor Commented:
Hi  jairajnaidu,

I have domain admin rights, also i have taken the ownership, but no luck.
Santosh GuptaAuthor Commented:
@Shahnawaz Ahmed, Thanks a lot, you have saved my lots of time.
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