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I am looking for a way with Exchange 2010 to run a report on a specific mailbox group, a list of all sent and received emails, with date and times.  I want to export to csv for statistical purposes.  Is this possible with Exchange Management console?  Is there another application I can do this with easily?

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You can try following command.

Get-MessageTrackingLog -Start "03/13/2010 09:00:00" -End "03/15/2010 17:00:00" -Sender ""


I tried from the shell:

Get-MessageTrackingLog -Start "02/01/2014 00:00:00" -End "02/24/2014 23:59:59" -Sender "" | export-csv c:\february.csv

File is empty.
strange.. Its working in my setup.

#TYPE Microsoft.Exchange.Management.TransportLogSearchTasks.MessageTrackingEvent
"","07092d1f-15dd-4a34-8daf-4a1917d869ed","25-02-2014 22:30:14","","Exch","","Exch","MDB:2f2f7e72-131b-4cb5-8574-9b4e9044f10a, Mailbox:9caf88c6-922d-48ba-ad73-1a13667178fc, Event:1026707, MessageClass:IPM.Note, CreationTime:2014-02-25T17:00:12.248Z, ClientType:MOMT","","STOREDRIVER","SUBMIT","","<>","System.String[]","System.String[]",,,"",,"e","","","2014-02-25T17:00:12.248Z;|MSSN=1","00:00:02.4540000","LocalServer","System.Collections.Generic.KeyValuePair`2[System.String,System.Object][]"
"","07092d1f-15dd-4a34-8daf-4a1917d869ed","25-02-2014 22:30:14","","","","Exch","08D0FBE3D6783EE0","","STOREDRIVER","RECEIVE","30","<>","System.String[]","System.String[]","5746","1","",,"e","","","04I: ",,"None","System.Collections.Generic.KeyValuePair`2[System.String,System.Object][]"
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I tried it on an individual and it exported some data, but the group doesn't report anything.
Get-MessageTrackingLog -Start "03/13/2010 09:00:00" -End "03/15/2010 17:00:00" -Recipients ""


That did it.  Thanks!

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